BMW M140 Premier New Car Detail

BMW M140 Shadow Edition, came to me from a long standing client who’s various cars I’ve been detailing since roughly 2010. Ever since I’ve stopped working mobile & detailed from the unit only they have kindly brought the cars over for the work to be carried out.

This time the job was a Premier New Car Detail  which is carried out over 3 days & included ceramic coating to paintwork, alloys & trim. Full interior detail with leather protection, fabric guard to mats & engine bay detail too.

I’ll start outside where the jack was put to good use, as the wheels were not being removed on this detail (there is an option for this to be added to the detail if you wish) I wanted to give the wheel arch area as good a clean as possible. Using the BMW jacking points I took the car up a little so I could access more of the wheel arch area than if the wheel was on the ground. A thorough jet wash & various brushes plus APC (all purpose cleaner) was used on the arches all around the vehicle. The alloys were also cleaned at this stage (non acidic wheel cleaner, de-iron, de-tar & tyres cleaned too)

The engine bay was given an initial clean while outside, jet wash set to very low pressure & rinsed taking into consideration any vulnerable parts, APC once again used along with detailing brushes.

This was rinsed again & given an initial dry. I would re-visit the engine bay later in the detail for more cleaning & to dress.

The was car treated to the usual safe wash process while outside: Pre-wash, 2 buckets wash & posh wash mitts, de-iron, de-tar, clay & initial blow dry

On the lift it was time to do a thorough blow drying all round.

Once the entire vehicle was dried, the paintwork was inspected & paint readings were taken, even on a new car this is an essential part of the process.

The car received a 2 stage polishing program. Even a brand new car will require machine work to get it to its best for you. Some areas require more than others, which is common.

The Rupes Mini Bigfoot put to good use on the flared parts of the car, where the 75mm head fits perfectly, awesome little machine.

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Polishing the light clusters too, the eagle eyed will have spotted the pad change !

Gloss black trim in need of some love too,

The vast majority of the first 2 days are spent on the paintwork preparing it for the ceramic coating of choice, which is included in the premier new car detail. The owners choice was Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ this is an excellent coating & comes with a limited 5 year warranty on a brand new car. This has now been given an update by Gyeon for 2018.

The final finishing polish used was Gyeon Primer which prepares the paintwork perfectly for the ceramic coating. PREP is an alcohol based cleaner used after primer to remove any left over polish/oils etc from the paintwork they work together perfectly ! & cleaning the paintwork prior to any ceramic coating is an important step.



Checking for residue:

All exterior glass treated to a rain repellant, Nanolex Ultra. Which is an fantastic durable, highly hydrophobic glass sealant.

Stickers removed at owners request

Much better

While cleaning the exhaust tips on the lift I carried on & did the adjoining pipes to the back box plus the back box & surrounding areas. The Exhaust tips & back box were polished with metal polish & treated to Gyeon Rim, this is a high temp ceramic coating that is perfect for alloys & exhausts !


Alloys treated too

A few finishing touches around the car

The interior was treated to a full detail:
Mats cleaned & coated in Gyeon Fabric coating. Leather cleaned with Gyeon Leather & protected with Gyeon Leather shield. This is an invisible barrier that helps stop dye from clothes penetrating the hide & is much easier to clean in the future. Full vacumm with the aid of the blower & glass cleaned.

Final check of the exterior & spray sealant to finish. Now onto the finished photographs of the lovely BMW M140 Gyeon Quartz completed detail.






BMW M140i Sunset Orange, Shadow Edition, Gyeon Quartz, Premier new car detail. Completed with Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ & most of the range too.

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