Tesla Model S Premier New Car Detail

Tesla Model S


Beautiful solid black Tesla Model S P75 – Premier new car detail

A new client who was referred to me via the Tesla forum by a long standing client who I’ve been detailing for around 10 years ! The owner wanted the best possible start for his Tesla & chose my top new car detail, the premier new car detail. This is carried out over 3 days includes the interior, usually the engine bay.. Exterior machine polish over 2 days & application of ceramic coating to paintwork, alloys & trim. In total 3 days of detailing.

The car looked stunning under the unit lights, the lovely solid black paintwork isn’t the easiest to work with but with the right technique, time & patience always comes out superbly. This car was coated in Gyeon MOHS+

The owner was extremely happy with the detail & to be honest so was I, it turned out beautifully.

If you would like to have a similar detail on your car why not get in touch ?

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Barry – Auto Detox