Tesla Model S New Car Detail

Tesla Model S


Love these cars, fantastic to work on & look super awesome ! Plus the gadgets so many gadgets. This car belongs to the gent with the Aston Martin Vantage I posted up, it was the first car I did for him & what a start to a new working relationship.

The lovely Tesla was treated to an exterior new car detail along with ceramic coating application. The new car detail is carried out with a single stage machine polish, with glass treatment, wheels coated in sealant, tyres dressed plus a few other little bits to make the detail & of course this one was coated in Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ certified detailer ceramic coating. Completed over 2 days

Gorgeous & a very happy owner wafted silently out of the unit into the night with his freshly detailed Telsa & returned a few weeks later for his Aston Martin detail.

If you would like a similar detail on your can why not get in touch ?

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Barry – Auto Detox