A new client wanted his trusty Range Rover Sport Autobiography giving some love from Auto Detox Detailing. The before shot & a cameo appearance from my floor cleaner, he’s always hogging the attention !

A cheeky stone tried to make it past the wash stage… There’s no escaping !

After a good going over with the air line to get all that trapped water out of the nooks n’ crannies, time to inspect the paintwork

A little paintwork on this panel which was good, just need to sort out the sanding marks & holograms then its good to go, no drama

Overall not a massive mess to deal with but in need some some tlc. 2 stages of polishing to take care of the defects in the clearcoat. First is cutting to take care of the marks then refining to give it the super glossy look

Looking much better now. The only way to polish a range rover front end, get that grilll out of the way

Back together, looking much fresher after its cleaning & polishing back there. Engine bay was taken care of too

A selection of finished shots

After 4 days of intense work this little beauty was all set to be released back into the wild.

Me & the owner had a good look round to make sure he was a happy chap, then he rumbled out of the unit with that V8 under the bonnet singing it loudest song ! It does make an excellent noise.

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