A lovely & rare Porsche Spyder, the owner is a returning client & this a new purchase for him. He wanted it taking to the condition he insists on. The car was in overall very good condition with only the lighest marring to the paintwork & the odd deeper mark here n’ there.

After the wash prep’ was carried out outside the unit, first job was to tackle the roof with fabric guard by Gtechniq. Protect the paintwork first before applying the product

Next, wheels off again. This car is fitted with ceramic discs but I always use pins when taking wheels off to protect the discs & inner barrel of the wheel.

The paintwork received a single stage machine polish with spot correction to the small areas that needed it, this gave the paintwork the lift it needed for the owner.

Paintwork was coated in Kamikaze Miyabi, alloy wheels & calipers treated to Gtechniq C5, roof to Gtechniq I1 & tyres to Gtechniq T1.

The ower was really chuffed with the detail, car came out exactly was we wanted it to. The detail was carried out over 4 days & then stayed with me over night to make sure all the coatings had their inital curing time inside the unit in the dry.

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