This lovely Porche boxster GTS came to Auto Detox Detailing from a returing customer who’s other Porsche boxster I detailed a number of years ago. He knew the potential of this car & wanted it taking to the standard he is used to.

The usual safe wash practises were carried out outside which included the initial wheels off & wheel arch clean.

Dried & on the ramp ready for the first coat of Gtechniq fabric guard.

Below: Taking care of the freshly coated roof & removing a few small parts to aid in my progress

The car was booked in for a 4 day paint correction, which includes a 2 stage machine polishing routine.
You can see the defects in the paintwork under LED lighting. These can be safely polished out leaving a lovely gloss finish.

Check the paintwork with various light sources. Above photo is a “before” polishing, below is an “after” the cutting stage

A lot of work went into the detail, to make the car look as it should. Even in the areas people cannot see

Cleaning under the skuttle tray & coating the plastics prior to re-fitting, for a nice fresh look

Almost ready for coatings

Interior detailed

Some finished shots

The detail was completed over 5 days, I was very happy with the outcome on this one, the owner was extremely happy too. Which is the most important thing.

If you would like to have a similar detail carried out on your car why not get in touch ? Here