A new client with a recent purchase of a stunning Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. Not in bad condition seeing as its a G reg’. With various paint over the years the car needed some machine polishing & the owner wanted a durable ceramic coating to finish it off.

Wash prep was carried out, dried & popped on the ramp. A basic tape up of the car, cover the alloys & all other taping up would be done as I went along.

Inspecting that lovley blue under the led lights

The car was receiving a 2 stage machine polish which quickly turned into spot 3 stage & some areas getting some wet sanding to reduce some of the more severe marks on the roof. This was fine as the car was with me for 6 days & I had scope to adjust the polishing as I went along

Coming along nicely with the cutting stage, nice correction but this left a flat look to the paint which was easily taken care of with the refining stage later.

50:50 on the rear spoiler area, shows nice correction achieved, right area unpolished & left area polished

The bonnet after its cutting stages, a bit flat but this will come out during refining later in the detail

Trusty Carpro Eraser, this is an excellent polish residue remover, gives you the exact finish you are working with, no drop back.

A few pre ceramic coating photo’s below

I need to learn to centre myself for this type of photo ! :o) (yes it bothers me ha ha)

Finished photo’s

The work carried out on this beauty:

  • 5 day paint correction
  • Wheels off detail        
  • Kamikaze Zipang/Miyabi/Zipang         

Completed over 6 days.

It was a real pleasure working on this stunning little classic for the owner, I just wish I’d taken a few more photo’s long the way.

If you are interested in having something similar carried out on your car why not get in touch here