This stunning Bentley continental came in for a full paint correction detail with the works added, wheels off, engine bay, roof protection & interior with leather treatment. It was completed over 6 days

Working the wheels off part of the detail. Car safely on the ramp using the factory jacking points. Its important to put any car in “jack mode” if it has air suspension which this Bentley does.

Wheel bolts torqued up to Bentley spec’s

Roof cleaned & treated, with paintwork covered over to protect it during this stage

Alloys covered over during polishing stages

Paintwork inspected under the Sungun after IPA wipe down, looking good ! Such a stunning colour

Ceramic coating choice was Gtechniq applied in 2 stages, crystal serum light the base coat & Exo the hydrophobic top coat

Finishing the engine bay & working on the interior after

Selection of finished shots

The Bentley came out just stunning, the owner was a new client, he was super impressed with the detail & finish. Made my day to be honest, such a wonderful car to work on.

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