Porsche Macan GTS

This stunning Sapphire blue Porsche Macan GTS came to me as I’ve detailed the owners other cars over the past 4 years. A new purchase this beautiful condition 12 month old car was originally valeted by the dealership being sold their Gtechniq package, in his own words he took one look at it & asked for a refund. The valet was done in half a day & was quite shocking to be honest.

We had a look around the car & settled on a 3 day detail with single stage machine polish, with some areas being treated to spot correction as needed, application of Kamikaze Collection authorised detailer ceramic coating ZIPANG, which looked stunning on the paintwork. This not only has incredible gloss, self cleaning properties & self healing. This really is next gen’ ceramic technology.
The alloys & tail pipes also treated to a high temp ceramic coating for an all round easy to maintain vehicle for a long time to come.

The detail was carried out over 3 days, which was the correct detail & time frame for this car. To detail correctly takes time & nothing is ever done in half a day to any standard. Was the owner happy ? You bet he was ! He & I were both over the moon with the car (his friend who purchased a similar car immediately booked his car in for the same treatment, which was fabulous).

Kamikaze Collection ZIPANG:

Porsche Macan GTS:


A real pleasure working in this beautiful Porsche Macan GTS for a very nice owner & always fabulous seeing a returning client who also recommends his friends to me. Another stunning Porsche GTS detail can be found here

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