Porsche Boxster GTS

This lovely car came to me from a returning customer who’s other Porsche Boxster I detailed around 6 years ago. The job for this one was a 4 day paint correction which includes a wheels off detail & the addition of a ceramic coating for the paintwork, in total 5 days of work. There was dirt build up on the steering wheel which was a concern of the owner, we’ll return to this later.

Outside the usual safe wash prep’ was taken care of including taking the wheels off & thoroughly cleaning the wheel arches, hubs etc. Inside the car was blown dry & set on the lift using the factory jacking points. 

Roof preparation

Porsche Boxster GTSFabric guard:

Gtechniq’s brand new updated fabric guard, an excellent product for cabriolet roofs & interiors

Time to reverse the process, making some room to start machine polishing the paintwork. I removed the Porsche badge from the bonnet, indicators & number plate plinth to help me along. 

Porsche Boxster GTS

Defects in the paintwork, robbing that lovely colour of its clarity 

2 stages of machine polishing made it look much better, under LED spots & panels

3M Sungun, LED panel & fluorescent tubes

Dusted & paintwork squeaky clean ready for ceramic coating Gtechniq crystal serum light & ExoV4, the alloys were treated to Gtechniq C5

The plastic shroud in the luggage compartment was out of place plus had broken clip which I replaced & located properly for the owner

I gave this a good clean with Swissvax Alcanta which is a dedicated alcantara cleaner, slow & steady when you are cleaning this fabric 

As you can see looking much better & interior looking lovely after its detail

Porsche Boxster GTS Exterior photographs

There we have it, Porsche Boxster GTS 5 day paint correction detail. If you would like a similar detail on your car why not get in touch ?

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Barry – Auto Detox