New Car Detail & Ceramic Coating

Auto Detox Detailing, providing new car details since 2005 & ceramic coatings since 2007

New Car Detail

£ 199
  • Multi stage 2 bucket wash, de-iron, tar, clay bar
  • Dried with plush drying towels + air blower
  • Single stage machine polish to paintwork
  • Paintwork clensed & standard wax applied
  • Alloys sealed + Tyres dressed
  • Tail pipes polished by hand
  • Glass cleaned all round

Want to add a ceramic coating ?

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + Exo V4. Forms an ultra durable, high gloss, slick to the touch, chemical layer of optically clear ceramic. The high density ceramic layer is resistant to chemicals, marring & bird lime (its always best to get the bird dropping off ASAP in all cases). What does this all mean to you as a client ? A car that has long lasting protection with a manufacturers limited warranty of 5 years, is easy to look after, Exov4 has fabulous beading properties & you can rest assured it has been applied correctly by a seasoned professional in a controlled environment. Inside a clean air conditioned unit dedicated to detailing.
GTechniq Crystal Serum Light is applied together with Gtechniq EXO V4 ultra durable hybrid coating as a 2 stage application. CSL is applied at the end of the detail & left to cure over night. Gtechniq Exov4 is applied the following morning

Cost for paintwork £199

In the Japanese language, the word “Miyabi” represents an aesthetic ideal of elegance and refinement & this ceramic coating certainly provides that.
Kamikaze Collection Miyabi Coat is a superb candy gloss glass coat ceramic coating. The high silica dioxide content provides superb durable protection & an amazing brilliant shine which compliments all types of colours.
Its a firm favourite at Auto Detox & any client that chooses it, you will not be disappointed.

Cost for paintwork £199 (2 coats Miyabi)

Kamikaze Collection Zipang Coat is an authorised detailer only product & is applied with Kamikaze Miyabi coat as the base coat.
This combination gives amazing looks, durability, beading & a superb candy gloss shiny !
Translated from Japanese the word “Zipang” means golden & the choice of name refers to Marco Polo’s original description of Japan as ‘The Land of Gold’.
Zipang combines high quality ingredients with Kamikaze Collection’s ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. Extensive research & development has enriched these ingredients to increase their performance and enhance the reflective properties. Zipang has a self-levelling (self healing) function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork swirl-free for longer. The coating is highly hydrophobic & the candy gloss of this coating is amazing ! Durability on average 5 years (with correct maintenance), being extremely easy to look after only requiring a good quality pure shampoo Kamikaze Anti Aging shampoo & Kamikaze Over Coat application every 4 to 6 washes.

Cost for paintwork £399

Yes thats right, the perfect & best Zamikaze application, the Kamikaze trio.

This combination gives the best durability, the best self healing properties & the best look, not thaty the others aren’t superb.

Cost £550

This certified detailer ceramic coating is the latest evolution from Kamikaze Collection. Based on the original Kamikaze Miyabi Coat, Miyabi Coat Graphene Pro delivers some of the most impressive protection and gloss levels ever seen. Co-developed & manufactured with Panasonic in Japan it is a first for Kamikaze Collection, but the different approach has incorporated fresh technological capabilities into the sealant and sees the Miyabi product evolve using this state-of-the-art technology.
Coming in two parts, Miyabi Coat Graphene Pro contains a Catalytic Base Coat in addition to the ‘top coat’ of Oxide Graphene, these are mixed just prior to application.
The results of these two high-tech formulas are a ceramic coating for car paintwork that will offer lasting durability, dirt repellence & incredible gloss levels at the same time, the superb beading is just an added bonus.

Cost for paintwork £299

  1. Rain repellant to exterior glass Gtechniq G1 +£30
  2. Wheels off detail, Gtechniq C5 coating to alloys/calipers/hubs & wheel arch detail +£100
  3. Interior detail (with leather treatment) +£80
  4. Engine bay detail +£30
  5. Ceramic coating Gtechniq C5 to alloy wheel faces (on the car) +£50
  6. Extra day of machine polishing +£180
  • Alloy wheels
  • Thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner, if your car has ceramic discs a mild all purpose cleaner will be used instead, which is better suited to the carbon make up of them. 2 stage decontamination after the wheel cleaner using a tar remover & de-iron to ensure a perfectly clean wheel
  • Tyres will be cleaned & dressed
  • Wheel arches
    These will be thoroughly jet washed & cleaned with various brushes & mild all purpose cleaner
  • Paintwork
    After a thorough jet wash a pre-wash foam will be applied & thoroughly jet washed, 2 bucket wash with plush lambs wool wash mitt.
    The paintwork & glass will be de-contaminted in 3 stages tar remover product, de-iron & a clay to ensure a perfectly clean surface to machine polish
  • Inside the unit the car will be dried with warm air blower & plush drying towels
  • The paintwork will be inspected & paint depth readings taken
  • Any vulnerable & sentitive areas around the vehicle will be taped up for protection
  • As part of the new car detail a “single stage” machine polish to the paintwork will be carried out this will not only add superb gloss to the finish but also eliminate light marring present
  •  My standard wax will be applied to paintwork if you are not having a ceramic coating applied
  • The exterior glass can be treated (as an option) to an excellent rain repellant, Gtechniq G1
  • An alloy wheel sealant will be applied to each of the alloy faces
  • Gtechniq T1 tyre dressing applied to the tyres
  • Glass will be cleaned inside
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Spray sealant QD applied as a finishing touch