new car detail process

New car detail guide:

  • Alloy wheels:
  • Thoroughly cleaned with no acidic wheel cleaner, if your car has ceramic discs a mild all purposue cleaner will be used instead, which is better suited to the carbon make up of them. A 2 stage decontamination after the wheel cleaner using a  de-tar product & de-iron to ensure a perfectly clean wheel for coating later.
  • Tyres will be cleaned & dressed
  • Wheel arches. If you car is not having the alloys taken off as part of the “wheels off detail”  the car will be jacked up to gain better access (using factory jacking points). They will be thoroughly jet washed & cleaned with various brushes + a mild cleaner
  • Paintwork, will be taken care of in multiple stages after a thorough jet wash a pre-wash will be applied & thoroughly jet washed, a 2 bucket wash with beautiful lambs wool wash mitt. The paintwork & glass will be de-contaminted in 3 stages using a tar removing product, iron removing product & finally a clay of all surfaces prior to drying to ensure a perfectly clean surface to not only machine polish but to apply your chosen coating to.
  • Inside the unit the car will be dried with warm air blower & plush drying towels
  • The paintwork will be inspected & paint depth readings taken
  • Any vulnerable & sentitive areas around the vehicle will be taped for protection
  • As part of the new car detail a “Single stage” machine polish to the paintwork will be carried out this will not only add superb gloss to the finish but also eliminate any light marring present
  • You can if you wish add an extra day of machine polishing for £200
  • My standard sealant or a wax can be applied to paintwork if you are not having a ceramic coating applied
  • The exterior glass will be treated to an excellent durable rain repellant
  • Swissvax Autobahn alloy wheel sealant will be applied to each of the alloy faces
  • Gtechniq T1 tyre dressing applied to the tyres
  • Glass will be cleaned inside
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Spray sealant QD applied as a finishing touch


I hope this process explanation has been of some help, if you have any questions or a specific requirement please don’t hesitate to ask. Call me on 07479 194645