Mazda RX7 Rally Car

Mazda RX7 Group B rally car – 1983 


Now this is a rare car in the purest form of the phrase. A very good client of mine shipped this car from the Welsh border for its detail. Built to compete in the Welsh stages that year & it never turned a wheel, with a genuine 6km on the clocks, totally original & what a looker ! My client wanted a sympathetic detail to remove some of the years of storage from the paintwork & give it a lease of life not seen in many years. This was not a car to make perfect & it was to be treated like the rare jewel it is, it was a privilege to work on it for the owner. 3 days were spent on the exterior, with the engine bay receiving a gentle bit of attention. lots of patience & attention to detail on this job, as a mistake on this type of car isn’t an option. 

The paintwork was polished in 2 stages, aluminium hand polished, perspex windows polished, spots cleaned, spoiler & light cluster removed for better access. A taxing but enjoyable job & with only 1 other of these in existence which has since been purchased by Mazda, not something I will be seeing again in the future, quite an honour to work on this car & the cost in the region of a decent house, loved having it in the unit for its detail. The owner came to collect & we enjoyed a cuppa while walking around the car drinking in the crazy lines of that body kit & talking racing, cars & what he had in mind for his next project. Fabulous !

The bumper & lights were to be refitted on arrival at home.

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