Gloss Detail: Single Stage Machine Polishing

The definition of a single stage machine polish, each section on the car is machine polished once, a pad & polish is chosen that will give a nice cut but also leave a really nice gloss.

Due to the time constraints of a 1 day job & having to wash, polish & finish the car all in one day this is all that is feasable to do.

An excellent choice for cars that are in relatively good condition or just wanting a little spruce up to add a bit of life to the car. This limited time detail adds gloss & depth of shine to the paintwork. Which is the main aim of this detail, its is not paint correction.
Carried out with a “single stage” machine polish.

Once the car has been machined it will be finished with my standard wax, glass cleaned, tyres dressed, alloys sealed, exhaust tips polished

Completion time 1 day ~ Cost £200

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