Choosing Barry to detail your car is so much more than paying for a quick valet, you are paying for an established full time detailer to do a professional, out standing job & experience an amazing result that only comes from years of experience. Spending money on what you value is extremely important, so why not buy quality & professionalism. The time taken on each stage of the job is amazing. Barry does not rush anything, if you have spoken to him on the phone or visited him at his unit you will know he has time to explain everything & asks you questions to get you the right program for your vehicle. He will not palm you off & will not hurry you out of the door. Everyone is unique, each car is unique & each detail is unique. He is not a salesman & does not have clever tactics to get business. From the time you get in touch with him you will deal with Barry, until he walks you around your finished car going through the things that have been done at the very end of the detail, you will deal with Barry
No, due to Covid & the restrictions this has applied to all our lives I have had to suspend this service until further notice, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this might have on you. Yes ! I appreciate people have busy lifes, getting the car over to me & collecting it can be inconveninent, so I can personally collect your vehicle at a convenient time prior to your detail, carry out the detail & personally deliver it back to you at the end of the detail at a convenient time. The service is free within a 30 mile radius of my work post code WS11 0LJ & a small charge out of this area. I am insured with full road risks on any car up the value of £100,000, if your car is over this limit I can extend the cover with a call to my insurance company, (there is a charge to extend cover which will be outlined in your quote). I have a clean license, I will fit a dash cam for the trip to & from your house to my unit. Please feel free to ask any questiosn regarding this service, I will help all I can
Only me is the answer to both question. I don't have any employees, I do all the work myself. Your car will only ever be taken outside for the wash stages & once back inside in the premises will stay there until its collected
Yes ! I am trained & certified by RUPES in all aspects of all their machines, polishes & sanding techniques, to get you the best result from your detail. I am trained & certified by Kamikaze Collection, in the correct application technique for all their coatings. Which enables me access to their certified detailer only products, this also means being taught to apply the ceramics properly in a controlled environment which means you get the best durability from the application too
Yes very easy. I am located on the out skirts of Cannock, Staffordshire. The M6 junction 11 is 5 minutes away, the M6 Toll T7 is 2 minutes away, there is a local train station which goes straight to Birmingham New Street & Wolverhampton station has a Virgin service to London & is 25 minutes away
No ! my business is not built on this type of work, I pride myself on true paint correction. Which means safe removal of the defects present without the use of masking agents/polishes, this is called true paint correction. The finish you leave with on your cars paintwork is the true finish & will not drop back after a couple of washes. This is why paint correction takes days not hours to achieve, Rome wasn't built in a day & paint correction isn't either
The main advantage of working in my own unit is the weather has no bearing on your detail what so ever, if its forecast bad weather on your collection day I'll work with you & if I can, will always try to keep the car over night so you can collect the following day when it's dry
Unfortunately no, I will help you with a wash routine I can send over which I've typed up. I will show you how to look after the ceramic coating & get the best out of your detail with links to products like wash mitts, drying towels, ceramic top up products to help get the best durability out of your coating & I will always be available to give advise if you need it in the future even it its you just fancy a new glass cleaner, just ask.
Yes, there are 3 insurance policies in place for my business. I'm fully insured to drive any car with full road risks (which is the traders policy equivalent to fully comprehensive) up to £100,000 & to keep the car in the unit over night. In the event of your car exceeding this limit I can raise that cover amount with my insurers with a simple email, there is an additional cost which will be outlined in your quote.  £5,000,000 public liability cover & insured to work on your car too
I started Auto Detox in 2005 as a full time detailing business & have been working full time ever since. Over a decades experience working on everything from a £1,000,000 Bugatti Veyron, 1971 Porsche RS light weight to a Volkswagen Sharan as a new car detail. I use my experience & knowledge to get the best out of every car I work on, no matter what the badge on the bonnet says. The car will always get my full attention & workmanship, guaranteed.
To secure your dates in the diary a deposit of £50 or £100 is required (depending on the detail) at the time of booking. A receipt will be emailed to you along with a detail confirmation outlining works to be carried out. Which I'll ask you to read thoroughly & confirm everything is correct. If you cancel within 7 days of your booking the deposit is non-refundable. If you need to move the booking before this time period I will be more than happy to find a convenient date for you. Deposit payment can be made by bank transfer or cash. Final balance can be made via bank transfer or cash. Balance is to be paid in full at the end of the detail, prior to car leaving the unit, without exception.  
Feel free to email or phone with any queries you have. If you want to stop by the studio for a visit & chat in person, you are welcome to anytime, please just phone before hand to arrange a convenient time for us both