Detailing Services

detailing services


The perfect start for you new car. Machine polished & coated in a luxury ceramic coating, fabulous & so easy to maintain !


Multi stage machine polishing, swirl removal for a factory fresh superb wet look & defect free paint work. Fantastic gloss that has to be seen !


Single stage machine polish for cars in good condition or for sale. Get the car sold faster with a Gloss Detail Coupled with an interior & engine bay !

Choosing the right detailer.

With so many people starting up detailing, it’s more important than ever to choose the right detailing service to work on your car. To detail correctly takes time & as an experienced person in this profession I will always give you the benefit of this to get you the right detail for  you as the owner but what the car needs to get it to the standard you require. I do all the work on your car myself, I want every client to leave my unit satisfied, happy with the detail they chose & the price they paid

  • Well lit studio

    For an excellent working environment, seeing everything is important. You can never have too much light !

  • Paint depth gauge

    Often over looked this piece of equipment is essential & you need the best in the world. I only use Positector, the best

  • Heating

    Another essential, we have it at home & in our cars ! My unit is air conditioned, a happy detailer is a productive guy

  • Ceramic coatings

    I've been using ceramic coatings for almost 10 years, my unit is the perfect environment for there application

  • Tools of the trade

    Detailing tools have come along way in the past 5 years. I keep up to date with them all to get you the best result

  • Q & A

    You can ask me anything, I will always answer honestly & if I don't know the answer I will find out for you

Advise is free & I'm always happy to answer any questions