Ceramic Coating Detail

Do you want to have your car ceramic coated ?

In order to apply a ceramic coating the car neeeds to be prepared correctly first in order for the coating to bond properly with the paintwork.

This detail is perfect for any car that you wish to have a ceramic coating applied to. A thorough exterior deep clean with everything from the wheel arches, tail pipes,  paintwork & alloys will be thoroughly cleaned.
A multi stage wash preparation which safely removes tar deposits & bonded contaminants via a 3 stage process is carried out. Leaving it super clean & silky smooth. Ready for cleansing & topping off with your chosen ceramic coating (see options below).

A break down of the process (there is no machine polishing included in this detail)

Multi stage wash routine to include:
• Alloy wheels thoroughly cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner, decontaminated in 2 stages with de-iron & tar remover
• Wheel arches cleaned with all purpose cleaner & soft bristled brushes
• Entire car treated to pre-wash cleaner
• Washed safely using 2 buckets & super soft plush lambs wool wash mitt
• Paintwork & glass decontaminated – tar removed & de-iron
• Clay of paintwork & glass to remove remaining contaminants
• Dried with super plush microfiber drying towel & warm air blower
• Paintwork cleansed by hand (there is no machine polishing in this detail)
• Ceramic coating of choice applied
• Alloys treated to wheel sealant
• Glass cleaned inside & outside
• Tyres dressed Gtechniq T1
• Exhaust tips polished

Completion time 1 day ~ Cost = £350 with Gtechniq crystal serum light/exov4 or Kamikaze Miyabi x2

Option: Kamikaze Zipang & Miyabi +£180


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