Ceramic Coating Detail

Completion time 1 day
£ 350
  • Wheel arches & alloys thoroughly cleaned
  • Pre wash snow foam applied to vehicle
  • Two bucket wash with super plush wash mitt
  • Paintwork + glass decontaminated, de-tar, iron, clay
  • Paintwork cleansed by hand to prepare for ceramic
  • Ceramic coating of choice applied in 2 stages
  • Alloy wheel faces sealed + tyres dressed
  • Glass cleaned inside + outside
  • Exhaust tips polished by hand to finish
  • **Please note there is no machine polishing included in this detail**

Do you want to have your car ceramic coated ?

In order to apply a ceramic coating the car neeeds to be prepared correctly first in order for the coating to bond properly with the paintwork.

This detail is perfect for any car that you wish to have a ceramic coating applied to. A thorough exterior deep clean with everything from the wheel arches, tail pipes,  paintwork, glass & alloys will be thoroughly cleaned prioro to the ceramic coating being applied.