BMW X5 M Paint Correction



A long standing client wanted his new purchase taking to his standards a lovely BMW X5 M. An exterior 4 day detail to include multi stage paint correction along with Gyeon Quartz Dura Flex ceramic coating application.

The car was treated to a 2 stage machine polishing routine, which safely removes far more defects than a single stage especially when dealing with German paint.

This is me trying my best to hide behind my tripod. Lovely result on the paintwork & the ceramic coating only complimented the finish

Stunning ! The owner was over the moon with the transformation & to be honest so was I. A few late nights & a fair amount of polish was used to get this result, it just doesnt happen in a day. Correct paint correction takes time & patience to achieve. In total 50 hours to complete the exterior on this BMW M5 powered X5

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