BMW M3 Premier New Car Detail Gtechniq

This beautiful sapphire black BMW M3 came to me from a returning client whos BMW M4 I detailed as a new car roughly 2 years ago. He had no hesitation returning & opting for my top new car detail a Premier New Car Detail, for his new purchase which is carried out over 3 days. This includes exterior detail with multi stage machine polising routine, interior detail including leather treatment, engine bay detail, ceramic coating, the works ! There is also an option to have the alloys taken off for full ceramic coating & wheel arch detail if you wish.

It’s always fantastic to see a returning client & with such a lovely chariot to work on for him too, a nice few days at the office for me, as I do all the work on each car myself.

As usual the wash prep’ was taken care of outside but with the weather being a tad cold in December, I will pick up the pictures inside after the drying phase & paint depth readings being taken.

A variety of machines were used during the machine polishing (3 in total) to get the very best result for the client out of this stage of the detail. This 75mm Rupes mini big foot was perfect for the various curves & tighter areas around the vehicle. I also used the Rupes nano ibrid & Flex VRG for the larger panels.


The Rupes ibrid put to good use in the engine bay, polishing that beautiful carbon fiber strut brace


The machine polishing took up the vast majority of the first 2 days, which is normal. The car was regularly dusted down & after the second stage was treated to Gtechniq panel wipe which prepares the paintwork perfectly for their coatings.

In this case Gtechniq crystal serum light & ExoV3. Which is applied 2 stages over 2 days

Car is sitting pretty on the commercial grade scissor lift perfectly prepared for its coatings.


Dusted, lint free, polishing oil free & ready to go with the coating.


Crystal serum light is applied first which then cures over night while I tend to other things around the car. Gtechniq G1 for the exterior glass.



Gtechniq C5 wheel armour & its lovely little microfibre applicator. This is an excellent high temperature coating which is perfect for alloys & tail pipes, plus back boxes too !


Tail pipes/back box cleaned & coated in C5. I returned to this section for more work on the plastics/tyres etc after the coatings were completed.


Coating the front number plate plinth in Gtechniq C4 long lasting trim dressing. The car is now off the lift & after finishing a few small things around the exterior will have the interior detailed.


The interior was fully vacuumed utilising the blower, mats treated to fabric guard, leather treated to leather guard, carbon fiber with Swissvax wood polish, vents cleaned, glass cleaned. A full comprehensive interior detail


The engine bay was detailed too inside the unit when dry, even after an outside wet clean this area is always returned to for more work. Full detail & clean with dressing applied by hand. Carbon fiber brace polished & coated, meticulous & sympathetic detailing.


Once completed the glass was cleaned & a spray sealant applied. A sacrificial layer between the coating & the elements is essential. Simple to do but extremely effective for the maintenance of your coating being applied. I can help with any advise on your car maintenance if you need it, just ask away with any questions.

After final checks with the LED light, onto finished shots of the completed BMW M3 Gtechniq Premier New Car Detail.




BMW M3 in stunning sapphire black, Gtechniq Premier New Car Detail. With the full compliment of Gtechniq products. The owner was extremely happy with this car on collection & it’s very well protected for many years to come. Always a good week at the office working on such a lovely car like this for a real nice client.

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