Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT. The owner of this 18 month old Bentley Continetal GT wanted a thorough detail as it had picked up a few swirls, the engine bay was in need of some TLC & the interior a general good clean & some protection applied for ease of maintenance in the future. He did his home work & after a another Bentley owner posted up on his forum about me gave me a call & stopped by the unit with the car for an assessment. We had a good chat, I looked over the car with him & his lovely wife. I made a suggestion of what I thought the car needed to take it to the condition he required & we booked a 4 day detail + cermic coating, which was completed over 5 days.

The car was cleaned in the usual manner with all the safe wash practises, with an additional one, The car has air suspenion so this needs to be disabled or in this case put the car into “jack mode” via a few buttons on the dash. I always consult the owners manual just to be safe. Outside the bodywork, alloys wheel arches & engine bay were cleaned correctly.

Inside with “jack mode” enabled the car was put onto the scissor lift & wheels removed once again for steam cleaning of the wheel arches, calipers etc. The pins are to aid in safely removing the alloys without any damage to break disc or wheel (simple but very effective).

More work on the engine bay

Working on those big beautiful Bentley Continental GT alloys, machine polishing the faces

The paintwork was polished in two stages, the first to remove safely as many defects (swirls) as possible & the second to restore that beautiful glossy wet look. A few finished shots prior to ceramic coating application.

The Bentley Continental GT interior received a full detail with leather guard applied to the hide, this aids in cleaning in the future. Engine bay was dressed & a host of other tiny things around the car to finish the detail


Finished photographs.

Bentley Continental GT, 5 day detail with ceramic coating application. Superb car to work on & a real pleasure to detail this for the owners.

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Barry – Auto Detox