Bentley Continental GT Speed Cabriolet

Bentley Continental GT Speed Cabriolet, this car came to me via a referral on the owners forum after detailing another members car earlier this year. The owner wanted a full detail & it was my privilage to carry it out for him. The detail consisted of paint correction, wheels off detail, interior & engine bay. Plus the owner also wanted a ceramic coating for the paint work too.

The safe wash prep’ was carried out outside the unit consisting of 2 bucket method, plush was mitts & drying towels plus the wheels had there first removal to better gain access to the inner rim & carry out the wheel arch detail.

Back inside the unit the car was blow dried & first on the list take care of the roof, Gtechniq I1 which is an excellent fabric guard was used

This was applied in 2 coats allowing the first to dry before the second application.

Preparing the car of machine polishing, the alloys were covered. Keeps any polishing dust off them over the next 4 days

The car was polished in 2 stages, the first is a cutting stage which safely removes the defects & the second add superb gloss for a fantastic finish.  These stages take many hours to complete correctly & cannot be rushed

Close up of the paintwork after polishing & looking super sharp !

After the polishing work was completed the car was cleaned preparing it perfectly for ceramic coating, this time it was Gtechniq’s superb duo Crystal serum light + Exov4

Fantastic protection, superb durability & beautiful gloss levels. The crazy beading is just a bonus !

Back to complete the wheels off detail.

Beautiful alloys & these were too coated in Gtechniq. The wheel arches where detailed & coated as were the break calipers.

As with any wheels off detail, I always consult the owners manual. It gives valuable information about torques settings, tightening techniques & as this car has air suspension how to correctly turn it off so as not to damage the system when taking the wheels off & putting the car on the lift using the factory jacking points. Safety first & do the job right for the client.

With the wheels back on & torqued up it was time to finish the engine bay. While that was drying taking care of some little things around the car before starting on the interior.

The leather was cleaned, mats removed, wood treated to Swissvax wood polish, chrome polished & glass cleaned. Plus pedals, switches & that stunning glasses case all taken care of

After 5 days & many hours over the week the car was finally ready, the weather was not ! Chucking it down ! We cancelled the collection & waited for a bit of sun for the owner, after all this time & money lets wait for a gap in the weather so the owner can collect his car in the dry & enjoy the ride home.

Lets enjoy some completed photo’s of the Bentley Continental GT Speed

The lovely power plant:

The view most of us see:

Bentley Continental GT Speed Cabriolet, 5 day detail. The owners words on collection were “it didn’t look like that when I collected it from Bentley !” & after his first wash at home “The ceramic coating is fantastic, worth every penny, so easy to clean !” was his text message. Fabulous, I love it when someone is not only happy on collection but when the car is washed for the first time & they see why ceramic coatings are so popular 

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Working on this car was a real pleasure  & if you would like a similar detail on your car why not get in touch, contact me

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