Audi RS3 New Car Detail Gyeon Quartz MOHS+

Audi RS3


This stunning Nardo Grey Audi RS3 came to me as I detailed another family members car about a year or so before this car arrived. The owner had no hesitation getting back in touch to talk about his detail this time & what he expected from it. It was to be taken to a high standard & have a top quality ceramic coating applied. We agreed a 3 day detail & Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ application which comes with a 5 year warranty on brand new cars & is only available to Gyeon certified detailers.

The usual safe wash stages were taken care of outside the unit & as I knew there was going to be a fair amount of machine polishing required I didn’t take any photo’s until after the drying stages & paint inspection. These was carried out with 3M Sungun & positector paint depth gauge

There were a fair amount of factory defects in the paintwork around the car which needed to be rectified, as you can see below.

A perfect example, the patch you can see is the result of sanding down a defect in the paint (probably a nib) & not or badly machine polishing out the sanding marks afterwards.

Excellent that they take the time to de-nib but not good not taking care of the sanding marks afterwards, unfortunately this is very common on new cars.

Moving onto the front bumper:

Overspray on gloss black trim & surrounding areas

This is really robbing the paintwork of its true finish

More sanding marks & general swirling to paintwork. As you can see not a good start to the lovely Audi RS3 but nothing a little bit of machine polishing love will not remedy.

The car received a 2 stage machine polishing routine & as you can see by the images below it came out really nicely. The 2 stages allow me to use a dedicated cutting polish which give a much better defect removal rate & then a dedicated finishing polish (stage 2) for an outstanding high gloss end result.

Lets have a look at how it looked after the machine polishing.

Much improved !

After a cleanse with Gyeon Prep’ prior to coating it was perfectly prepared for its ceramic coating. The base coat is applied at the end of the detail which then cures over night, ready for the top coat in the morning.

Glass treated to Nanolex Ultra rain repellant, alloys to Swissvax Autobahn, tyres dressed with Gtechniq T1, QD sealant to finish plus a host of other tiny things that make the detail & finish the job.


How did it look in the end ?

The unit has changed quite a bit since this detail was completed, if you would like to get in touch to talk about a detail on your car, why not get in touch

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