Aston Martin Vantage Paint Correction

A very rare colour & fantastically named Hammer Head Silver ! I detailed the owners other car a short while ago as a new car detail a lovely Tesla model S in red. This car was booked in for a comprehensive 5 day detail to incude multi stage paint correction & ceramic coating. Interior, engine bay & a host of other things to take a few years off the vehicle for the owner. In paticular the grill was one of the important areas to try & recover best I could.

The wash preparation was carried out outside & a few choice parts were removed to better access/cleaning ability inside the unit after being blow dried. Statically charged 3M sheet was used to protect the all ready detailed areas & the alloys from polish dust (no point in doing a job twice).

Ready to start polishing the bonnet.

There were a number of areas suffering from sanding marks from the factory which were robbing the finish of clarity, these were all taken care of.


After stage 1: Already looking much better.



The grill was in need of some care:

This was removed from the car, dismantled, cleaned & polished.

After the 2 stage correction, the car was de-dusted & cleaned with a preparation spray prior to Gyeon Quartz Dura Flex application. This is a Gyeon certified detailer product

Interior detailed

Grill back in place

A few finished photographs

There was have it Aston Martin Vantage, in total this car had 55 hours of work put into it over 5 days & took years off the car. A very happy owner collected the car after a good inspection & walk around with explanation of what exactly had been carried out over the week

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